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Condominium Document Review Provides Condominium Document Review and Report Services Free Consultation for Residential and Commercial Condominium Buyers and Sellers


  • "Murray and his staff from Condo Doc Review provided incredible customer service while I was in the processing of purchasing my first property. Murray’s attention to detail, his knowledge of legislation, his pursuit of information and his integrity and character are impressive. I strongly recommend this company for anyone needing to audit a condo organization, it is an absolutely worthwhile investment, and the experience of working with Murray was fantastic. You will not be disappointed."

Justin B. Pesheau

  • I just finished med school and wanted to buy a Condo in Downtown Edmonton. My Real Estate Agent recommended that I should have the Condo Documents reviewed by someone who knows Condominiums. I found on line and contacted them. Murray guided me through the documents, and explained how to look for potential special assessments and condo fee rate increases. I am glad that I worked with Condo Doc Review and Murray. Every Condo buyer should call Condo Doc Review................ Josh


  • We used Condo Document Review Ltd. to review Condo Documents for the Townhome we wanted to buy.  Murray was to the point and explained all of the documents and how the building systems work. My wife and I are happy with our new home, and glad that we chose  We rest easy knowing that there is no surprise special levies or condo fee rate increases coming in the near future.......Ziggy M
  • I purchased a condo as my first property. Not only is there a lot to learn when purchasing real estate, but when purchasing a condo there are innumerable additional factors to consider. Murray from assisted me through the purchasing process in a very professional and patient manner. Not only did he review condo documents in thorough detail, he took time to explain and teach me about important things to be aware of. Whether you are purchasing your first condo or are continuing to increase your real estate portfolio - Condo Doc Review Ltd. is a must. They will ensure you are fully informed when purchasing a condo so there are no surprises down the road in terms of extra costs or maintenance issues.Thanks again for all of your help. I hope things are going well with the new company! Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you guys. I have already been telling some work peers that I have a great team to put them in touch with when they are ready to buy a place!

All the best, 


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Jason Scheibelhofer

Would highly recommend getting Murray to review your condo docs whether it's your first purchase or your fourth. He was very quick and helped make the info easy to understand.


Anyone seeking a condo document review service should not hesitate to use this service. The sooner you get in touch with him, the better! If he runs into a complicated situation like he did with mine, it might take a bit longer to gather

Helison Aniyi

Folks at Condo Doc Review Ltd are awesome to work with. Knowledgeable, courteous and very quick. I was able to knock down $5000 off the price of the condo due to the amazing work they did for us

Ryan Gillen

4 weeks ago

If your considering having condo documents review by a professional I highly recommend Murray at Condo Doc Review. Murray was able to provide my client a full scope of a condo corporations financials, reserve fund, policies and future …More

Dylan McAllister

I am 28 years old and I am a first time home buyer buying a condo in south Oliver. My realtor suggested getting a professional to view the Condo Documents given the age of the building and circumstances we witnessed upon the viewing

Marco Marchand

I'm so glad I had Murray go over my documents prior to purchasing my condo. He proved to be exceptionally thorough in his investigation and his summary report. He also taught me about the necessary insurances required to have total peace of mind

Erika Williams

I had an exceptional experience with Condo Doc Review Ltd. I was extremely impressed by the level of service provided. The information I received in my document review was clear and thorough. Communication was prompt and I found Murray to be personable and approachable. I will definitely be recommending Condo Doc Review Ltd

Janice Nethersole

I have never lived in a Condo before and was referred to Murray now that I've decided to look into and purchase a Condo! He gave me peace of mind and lots of extra info regarding Condo living I would have never thought of. 

Chris Oleynick

Highly recommended. Am purchasing a condo for the first time and after hearing some horror stories from some friends and colleagues about special assessments etc. I wanted to hire somebody to look over the mountain of condo documents that

Summer Babiy

The service provided by Murray was exceptional. He was easy to reach and eager to answer any questions we had in depth. He has extensive knowledge of condominiums. I felt confident in my understanding of the fees and condo management.

Lauren Gillies

Murray was extremely knowledgable and professional. He helped us make an informed decision on our condo purchase and was SO patient with me. I've learned a ton and had a great experience with this home purchase, thanks to Murray.

Timothy Guenter

Murray Doherty was great to work with. Very professional, well experienced, and communicated all potential concerns for the condo corporation I was looking into. The final report was clear and concise. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for advice with a condo purchase

Gerry Siperius

Murray was fantastic to work with, especially for a first time buyer. He clearly knows his stuff. I particularly appreciated that he went out of his way to explain the ins and outs of owning a condo to me as well as the findings of the report

Brendon De Haan

Murray alleviated all the concerns I had in dealing with an overwhelming pile of documents. As a first time condo buyer it was very comforting to have him look through everything. He spends a lot of time talking through all the information you need to know when buying a condo! 10/10 would recommend.

Kathleen Cariaga

as a first time townhouse buyer didn't have much idea on how the condo fee works, the company that handles the complex. Murray provides all the info needed, gives you an idea on what to expect living in the townhouse. condo doc review is highly recommended!


Has amazing and extensive knowledge of condo documents and how condo boards should be run.

Ryan Cote

Murray really has a strong background in condo operations, and construction. I found the experience very educational. His review was comprehensive. In the end, he provides you with the knowledge you need to strengthen your negotiating power during the purchase. Highly recommended.

karan dawar

Good professional service .Murray helped me through whole process for every confusion that i had and explain everything very good. He have great knowledge for condos management . He is very professional. highly recommend him

Jessica Shifrin

I can highly recommend Murray and Condo Doc Review ltd. He was extremely thorough and explained everything to me every step of the way. He was full of great insights regarding condominiums and exceeded all my expectations.